08 July 2013

So many thoughts, so much to share...

But I'll start here...

Tonight a friend from college had this to share on the day of her 1st Anniversary. It's remarkable. And beautiful. And life-giving. ..on so many levels and in so many ways. 

Thank you, O, for your beautifully written words and, more importantly, for the beautiful heart that they radiate from. 

"One year ago, today, July 7th, we were wed under a giant walnut tree, just as I had dreamt years before. See that big grin? I get those all the time now, thanks to him. There is something about true love that completes you, and you don't have to earn it; it's the greatest gift I've ever received. I married the kindest, bravest, most sincere and authentic man I've ever met. When I see how he is with people, I see true kindness and true grace, to the point where I'm converted. He makes me laugh, and he makes me sing, and I have never felt so safe.. I've never, ever felt like this before: that this is all for us, this is our time, and shared love is as close to the Divine as we can get. Thank You. And thank you to all who fill our lives with support, affirmation, true friendship, and more kindness. We're in this together."

Could it be put any more wonderfully? I think not. 

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