02 September 2012

Life is a Veritable Changing Thing

I live in KC now. In approximatly 9 months from today I will submit my application to medical school programs. In the mean time, I'll be preparing for the MCAT and updating my science courses from undergrad. God willing, in January 2014 (at UMKC Med) or August 2014 (KU Med) I'll embark on one of the hardest, most rewarding chapters of my life.  Through it all, this dream has remaind a constant. And by God's grace, I've been given a rare second chance to attain it. To Him be the glory. ...and may it be for my salvation, the comfort of my family, and the betterment of the Church and our world.

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marylonghorn said...

Congratulations! I am excited for this next chapter of yours! Much love from Australia. xo