20 July 2011

T-Minus 2 Days

Until I am in Germany.

I can't wait to leave France. Blah. It's been a kinda crappy experience (although my pictures on Facebook might paint a different story ...it is beautiful here even if my experience has been bad.)

Flying to Dusseldorf on Friday afternoon. Hanging with George's brother and parents this weekend. I'm super excited to see Petro again! Then back to work on Sunday night in Wiesbaden.

Not even there yet and beginning to think about life post-Germany. Running through ideas surrounding a business plan I have. Never to early to start planning, right?

I don't have peace right now. I want to go to Church. I haven't been able to go in several weeks and its getting to me. Missing a few creature comforts too. This, too, shall pass I keep telling myself.

more to come from Germany.
(and Germany, if you're listening, I would appreciate a big loving embrace from you once I touchdown on Friday afternoon. I'm going to need it. and I know my language skills aren't stellar, but at least I have some. Gentle.. please, be gentle with my English-dominated American self. And Germany, if you don't mind, please take it easy on the Dollar-to-Euro exchange rate. I would really love to be able to buy something but when I calculate that a 3.30 Euro bottle of Orangina is really $4.69 I cringe and freeze up inside. Please, just a little easier on it any day now would be great. Okay, that's all for now. Thanks.)

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Jesse said...

You're going to have an awesome, awesome time, Agape! I'm so excited for you.