12 July 2011

An Almost Haiku Post

In France now. La Croix-Valmer to be exact. I don't so much care for French... well, French anything really. But here I am for 10 more days.
Then off to Germany where I will hopefully finally get to unpack my luggage. (and plug-in my amazing Turkish lamps I purchased in the bazarre in Istanbul.)
I miss Greece so much it's not even funny. And my friends there even more than that.
I can't believe it is July 12 already.
I wish I could spend the summer with my mom and dad in the midwest, but I am grateful for where I am right now.
I think I'll be fluent in German by next summer. Although, I don't think I can take a course as I had hoped to as they are all 500+ Euros.
I think while I'm in Europe I am going to collect things for the kitchen. Seems like a very practical thing to do. cookie cutters, pans, dish towles, ya know.
Also, I think when I come back to America, that I am going to start a bakery.
Yes, you read it right, a bakery.
Okay, must go to sleep now.
Blessings to each of you!

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