20 June 2011


I thought it would be different this time and that I would have more time to type and share my thoughts and reflects, hey, maybe even an itinerary with you by now. ...but, as you can see, that clearly hasn't been the case. While there is much to talk about in the weeks yet to come, for now I must say that I am quite lonely. Surrounded by others yes, but somehow I find myself miserably lonely. Please, say a little prayer for me. I do not want this heavy heart and I hope to be out of this funk soon. 
Please, Lord, have mercy.

In the mean time, I will share with you the highlights of my pictures from Paris last month. I hope you enjoy them!

PS.. If you stop by and read this, please, leave a comment or send me a message just to say hello. 
That would be lovely.

Hopefully this need no introduction!

Parisian Metro Tickets
One of my most favorite business signs I've ever come across!

Beloved Friends!

Again, Me over the Seine
Stained Glass in Notre Dame
More stained glass from Notre Dame. This might be my favorite picture of stained glass that I have ever taken!

Can anyone say Parsian bakery??


Jesse said...

Hey Agape! Thanks for sharing the pics and updates. I hope you have good cheer and so much fun in the weeks to come! :o)

Ο ΓΡΑΦΩΝ said...

Hello to you from Athens. I love your pictures, especially the one from Aegina. I come by your blog often and enjoy it, i'm just a bit hesitant as far as commenting goes. Hope you're doing better. Feeling lonely when among other people is, i think, the worst type of loneliness. God bless.