15 May 2011

The Inclination to Love

This afternoon I went out with what I found to be a great guy. It was a joy to share conversation and opinions together over tea. 

You know what I couldn’t help but think about both before and after our time together? Oddly enough, I couldn’t help but think about how it is our hearts continue to subtly push us toward love and relationships. It’s the most natural and beautiful thing about being human! …however, our rational mind fights us telling us not to take another step in any relational direction if we’ve been hurt before. Our minds say something like, “Don’t go jumping into some relational place where you’ve been before because you know that this is only going to end like the last ump-teenth times with your heart being broken again.” BUT, with the very same breath, life wells from within us shouting “What are you waiting for?! This is what life is about. It’s about living!” ...and real living is about letting our humanity be fulfilled in relationships with God and, importantly, with one another. “So go ahead, take that risk!” says the voice.

So, I did. I fought that would-be cynical voice in my mind, and you know what? I had an enjoyable evening. Although I had to share the news that I am moving to Europe in less than 2 weeks now, I told him something that I believe whole-heartedly: It's always a gift to meet quality others of like-mind and similar interest for it seems to be something that is increasingly rare these days! Those of you who are still in the dating stage of life know exactly what I am talking about.

And so, I am grateful. Even though the memories of past pain frequently try to cast their shadow of doubt over the conscience of my heart, there is the resilient hopefulness and optimism that gently emerges from some mysterious place deep within and encourages my (our) heart to take a chance to get to know someone new. And how much better I am (we are) for doing so!

Although the question of any serious relationship is surely out of the question due to practical logistical concerns, today was a victory for love..for life… for true and authentic humanity!

Let us not take for granted the fact that sometimes our hearts win out over our minds, and that that’s okay. In fact, it’s often better that way. When we stop living from our heads we start living from our hearts, and in our hearts is where we find that deep and authentic communion with God and others that we so unbeknowingly desire!

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