02 May 2011

Christ Is Risen!

Christ is Risen and death is rent asunder!
Truly, there is no greater call of victory than
Christ is Risen and Death Defeated!

The beautiful icon of the Resurrection found in Xora in Constantinople.

As you can tell, I am finally back from my blogging sabbatical. Lent was long, beautiful, awful, and full of growth all at the same time. I admit that I periodically stopped by some of your sites but refrained from commenting and contributing. For those of you who I didn't get to interact with over the last 2 months, I pray you are each well and that you have emerged from the Lenten season and the Paschal Celebration somehow transformed and renewed. 

During the time that I have been away I've been able to think more clearly about my blog, how I want to use it, and, ultimately, the purpose it is to serve. Over the years (the past 4, to be exact) I've taken my little piece of digital landscape in many different directions. I have decided that as I wrap up my time here at Holy Cross in Boston that I am going to do a little revamping and regeneration. Seminary has been a tremendous chapter in my book of life and now that it is coming to a close, I am looking forward to turning the page into a new walk in life. Subsequently, I feel my blog should come along for the ride. 

Over the coming weeks and months you will begin to see both stylistic and content changes around here. My current design is one I love and one that has served me well through my grad-school years. Now, it's time to turn the page and step forth with something a little more polished. With that in mind, I've also decided I want the content to be more personal, and --dare I say it-- less commercial. For those of you who have read my posts from way back in 2007-2008, you know exactly what I'm talking about. As I get ready to enter this new chapter of life I want this blog to do what I originally set out for it to do --to be a place where I can write, reflect, and be true to myself-- as well as serve as a place that will provide you, my friends and family, a glimpse into my life and perspective. 

All that in mind, I hope that you, too, will enjoy the adventure that is about to come. 
There is so much I am excited to share with you and I will be back in the next day or two to share with you more news and upcoming changes in my life. 

In the mean time, my love and greetings to each of you!
Χριστός Ανέστη!

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