05 May 2011


I promised you I would be back!

So, were you able to guess all of the pictures from yesterday's post?

Well, in case you were left wondering, they go as follows: 
Paris, Athens, Meteora, Thessaloniki, Constantinople/Istanbul, and Nice in Southern France! 
That is the order that I will be visiting them as well!

 Now, for the biggest piece of news I've had in a while...

As I noted in yesterday's post, I will be spending 8 weeks traveling Europe. 
However, what I failed to mention is that upon the completion of eight weeks in Europe
I will not be returning to the United States. 
After much contemplation and prayer, I have decided to spend the next year living in Germany
As of the end of July I will be living in Wiesbaden, 
approximately 20 miles west of the German city of Frankfurt am Main. 

Here is an overview of Wiesbaden, my soon-to-be home!

I will share more details as time goes by but I wanted to share with you the initial announcement. 


Mallory said...

That is incredible, Amanda! So exciting to know we'll get to watch your journey unfold.

Katherine (Kathy) Bakes said...

Amazing, Agape! What a huge move! I hope you enjoy every single minute of it! :)

Katja said...

Well - welcome to Germany! Just found your blog and thanks for following mine! Hope you will have a wonderful experience living here - it's a beautyful area and I am looking forward to read about your experience as living here. Greetings from Germany! Katja