04 May 2011

Big News #1

Well, I told you that I would be back in a day or two to share with you some of the updates on my life. 
...So, here I am. :)

I am still somewhat in shock that everything is coming together 
and that I actually get to announce this, but it's true!...

22 days from now I will be joining my friends at Lufthansa
and will be hopping the pond to spend 8 weeks in Europe!

While there I will see lots of places including:


Can you guess where they all are??
I'll be back tomorrow to share with you BIG NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT #2!


Jesse said...

Awesome! Please pack me in one of your bags...I can fold up nicely! ;o)

Αγαπη said...

If you'll spot the overweight fee, I'm on it!! :)

Sarah King said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I am so happy for you and so jealous - all at the same time! :D Happy travels, friend!