12 February 2011

Scents of Spring....

I thought many of you could resonate with this...

"Spring will be pretty. Just give it a week, When flowers are blooming down by the creek. Bees will be buzzing as trees start to bud, But for the moment I'm covered with mud. Snow has been melting, since winter is through, Replacing the whiteness with puddles of goo. I stepped off the sidewalk and into the ooze. Next thing I knew, I stepped out of my shoes! Mud on my ankles and mud on my clothes. I stumbled face-first and got mud up my nose. Spring will be pretty, but I must confess, The first days of spring are a muckey mess!"

In case you're wondering, this little gem is from this book
I thought it was the perfect piece to characterize my sentiment today. 

On another note, I feel like I've been coming down with something again. 

Last night I had a meeting with Catherine Varkas to go to (also known as the Originator of the Catechesis of The Good Shepherd for the Orthodox Church) and while I was completely enthralled with the program and approach, I was feeling so terrible I couldn't enjoy it properly. :( When I went to bed last night I was cold, achy, and I'm pretty sure I had a fever. I'm feeling better today, but not 100%. Hopefully this will pass quickly!!

Coming back to the meeting last night, I have to say that for the first time I was really introduced to the concepts of Montessori school. I know, I know, I'm way behind the times (as I've been hearing about it for years but just never looked into it.) I have to admit that all that I've heard has been really wonderful. And, when those principles are combined with the teaching of our faith, what better way could there be!?! 

I am definitely going to be doing more research into methods and manners of Montessori education. I am so perplexed now! As many of you know, I have been in the process of refining my Philosophy of Education for the last 7-8 months and this has just given me so much new fuel to consider (and to keep me going!)

I feel so much passion welling up in me right now thinking about religious education. It's unreal actually! To combine proven practice with the most important topic in one's life... 


Okay, I have to go for now. But in lieu of further elaboration, make sure to go out and get some of this today! (Sour Cherry Juice from Greece) It's amazing! (For those of you in Boston, you can get it at the Roslindale Fish Market, or in Brookline at the Brookline Wine and Cheese shop on Harvard Ave. :) )

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