02 January 2011

A little excitement...

So the truth is that I am actually quite sick right now. I NEVER get sick.. but somehow George was generous enough to share his cold with me. George has certainly shared some really wonderful things with me (like most recently the amazing European Chocolates his mom sent from Germany) but the cold is one thing I wish he would have kept!! :) 

So, in order to off-set how absolutely crappy I feel right now, I wanted to share some news:


(Thessaloniki -- Where I will spend about 3 of my 5 weeks in Greece!)

That's right, I'm finally making my way back to Europe! I will be traveling with some of my classmates and we will be spending approximately 5 weeks in Greece and 1 week-ish in Constantinople/Istanbul. Then, God-willing, on July 6th I'll make my way from Thessaloniki to the Island of Samos where I will spend about a week and a half recuperating before heading back to Athens to fly to Amman, Jordan! From Amman 3 of us will make our way to Bethlehem where one of our fellow-classmates and dear friend is getting married at the Church of the Nativity on July 24th! Absolutely incredible! When returning to Athens again from Amman, I haven't decided if I want to come back to the States, travel to the island of Rhodes to spend time at a women's monastery there, OR if I want to try to make my way to Germany and hang there for a while. 

Truth be told, I would love to spend the rest of the summer and fall in Germany, but I'm not sure if that will happen or not. It all depends on any job prospects I may find here in the states once I graduate in May as well as what kind of living/ pseudo-work situation I can scramble up in Germany. But that is definitely where my heart is. 
(Shhh, just don't tell my parents. I don't think they'll like the sounds of it. And mom, if you're reading, ...now you know. :) )

So if it comes to your mind, please say a prayer for me that I will know what to do and that it will, above all, be honoring to the Lord. 

As for me now, I'm out. I can't handle the pressure in my head any longer. :(

And before I forget: Happy New Year, Kali Xronia kai Xronia Polla!

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