14 January 2011

A few more pictures...

I know I just posted some things yesterday but I am back with a few more pictures I wanted to share. 

First is a picture of the HC chapel I took yesterday as I made my way up there. Check out those icicles on the eaves! Those things are like daggers! Lord have mercy!

The path in the snow over to the chapel bell. 
You can see it inside the A looking from on the far left side of the picture. 

 And now the incredible thing about these next pictures is that they were taken earlier (tonight)/ today in Thessaloniki. George flew back on Monday and while we were talking today around noon (about 7pm there in Greece) he was walking around taking pictures and sending them to me between iPhones. It is absolutely incredible! Two people are half a world away communicating and exchanging virtually live images from the streets of Thessalonki to the aisles of Whole Foods in Brookline, MA! (Yes, I was grocery shopping part of the time!) Absolutely amazing! I mean.. I am still floored by the whole concept!

This is what G said he sees when he walks outside of his apartment door. (For those of you who might not know, this is part of the old city wall of Thessalinki which was built by St. Theodosios I believe.)

 Here are a few scenes from a little monastery near G's house where they were doing Verspers.

A nearby view of the rest of Thessaloniki

AND, just a few minutes ago while I was typing this, George sent me a few more pictures (and a video too, but I can't upload it here.) Amazing! I'm still relishing in the capabilities of technology!

 Here are some of the streets in his neighborhood.. the old part of Thessaloniki

St. Panteleimon's where he went to part of the vigil. ( I think anyway.)

and finally a couple of pictures from one of his favorite bakeries. 
See that little cake closest to the camera....the one with all the fruit on top? 
Yes, please! I'll take that one! :)

So there you have it.. the highlight of my day so far! Getting nearly instant pictures from Greece!

Ahhhh-mazing! :)

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