13 January 2011

Another Snow Storm and Another New Day!

Yesterday we received somewhere in the field of 15 inches of snow. I have to admit last night as a few of us trekked out that it was somewhat magical. The city was mostly quiet and it was like living in a winter wonderland. Now normally I HATE snow but something about it last night was captivating. It helped me to appreciate it just a little more.

Entry into HCHC's campus
In other news, I finally feel like I am beginning to catch up on my life. I have a phone-calls-to-make list that is terribly long, not too mention that I haven't yet got out my Christmas cards (gasp!! I know!), and I have a ton of emails to write as well. I'm slowly getting there. This past semester was a great one in a lot of regards but the nature of all that was going on in my life meant that I wasn't really connected with all of those who I really wanted to be to the degree that I would have liked. I suppose through all of this I have realized how much time and effort it does take to really stay connected to one another and in the past that has always been my priority. I admittedly dropped the relational ball some this past semester and if it means that we've been more disconnected, please know that  A.) I haven't forgotten about you! B.) I am incredibly sorry! and C.) God willing my bandwagon is close to getting back on track and we can catch up soon!

As I continue working on catching up on my life (and trying to figure out the next step after I leave the Holy Hill in May) I want to share just a couple of pictures that make me quite happy that I have taken over the last few weeks.

New shoes I got while I was in NYC for the day with the George and Petro recently

Geroge and Petro (George's brother who came to visit from Germany) at the Top of the Hub in Boston the night before he left for Germany.

The super cute little cards I got for G & P's mom.
I added a little bow to the box and voila!

That's all for now. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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