02 November 2010


Now that Halloween is behind us, Thanksgiving lies ahead. I came across this sign this morning from Craftily Ever After and had to share it.

Gratitude is a big thing in my book and with Thanksgiving approaching in just a few weeks there is no better time to take a look at our lives and take inventory of all the things that there really are to be supremely grateful for. When I do this little inventory for myself, I always find myself in a much better place (emotionally and spiritually) than where I was before I started.

The entirety of our lives are a gift to us and it is up to us to work to cultivate our eyes to be able to see them in that light.

As Christmas and Thanksgiving draw ever closer, may we each endeavor to purposefully develop and cultivate a "grateful lens" through which we live, love, and interact with others!

A few things I am grateful for today:
Sunshine in Boston!
Getting a card mailed I've been meaning to mail for a while
The chance to learn more Greek
My salad at lunch
Having clean laundry this morning
Getting to share a treat with a friend for his birthday
Realizing my car starter wasn't broken,
 that it just wasn't in park
& Coming across this little sign that got me to thinking about gratitude



Jessica said...

Thanks for featuring my printable! I'm so glad you like it and I definitely echo a lot of your thoughts about gratuitude. Thanks for sharing. :)

Pres. Kathy said...

I love that! I hope you are well!