15 October 2010

Thinking Christmas

I know it's a little early still (despite the fact that I gave into the temptation to start listening to Christmas music already. ...I know, I know.. still more than 2 months away!) but I'm starting to think about my annual Christmas card that I'm going to send out. Even though I'm not married, have children, or even a dog for that matter, I like to do a picture card. It seems that people really enjoy seeing you, not just reading about all that's been going on the last year.

With that in mind, I'm always torn about what to do for the picture itself. I've been thinking about having some made, but it just seems.... like so much work. It's the last thing I want to try to schedule in. SO, I did a little tinkering with a picture I had taken earlier this year that I really liked and I thought I would put it out to get your thoughts on it...

Simple, black & white...


or #2

What do you say? either Christmas card material?
I'm having a couple printed so I can see what it looks like on photo paper, so we shall see!


Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed weekend!

1 comment:

Emily Nicole said...

Yes Of course! Either of those pictures are great! :) And in case you have an extra stamp...my address is: 308 Emmons Dr. Apt 1A, Princeton, NJ 08540 :):)

I'm glad to get caught up on your blog! Thanks!