16 October 2010

A Summation

...of my life's desire:

"I aspire to marry, to have children, to reclaim a vision of the Good, to grow in humility, to love a little more each day and to finish the race...
To that end, this is only the beginning."

I wrote this some years ago (perhaps 5 or 6 now) and I have it written and posted on the back side of one of the sun visors in my car. I don't normally notice it to be honest but today someone riding in my backseat noticed it when I flipped the visor down for a moment. He asked me about it and I told him that I in fact had written it some time ago.

His question made me stop once more and consider what I had written. Revisiting it again, I think it still holds true. I cannot deny that I still long for each of every one of those things I listed.

God willing, all things in due course...

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