24 September 2010

Forth Coming Work

I know it has been a little while since I've posted a substantial post and I have to apologize for that. Life has been going full-blast in recent weeks. While my sleep schedule has been suffering, other areas of life have been incredibly blessed. I am sure I will be sharing more about those things in the near future. 

In the mean time, I am gearing up  for the ordination to the priesthood of my dear friend and beloved brother, Deacon Milad Selim! I am so blessed to be able to attend!!


Here is a lovely picture of Dn. Milad and his beautiful wife, Nicole. 

Also, I have to take a moment to congratulate my own spiritual father, Father Vasileios Flegas, on his recent move to Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Austin, Texas!

While in one capacity my heart aches that he and his beautiful family are no longer in Denver, I am so excited and happy for them as God allows their ministry to blossom in an entirely new community. What a blessing Austin has in their midst!! (I am also looking forward to getting to know Austin better myself as I visit and spend time with them!)

Here is a recent picture of Father, Presvytera, and Nikoletta!

Finally, I wanted to let those of you who may be interested know that I have spoken with Again and Again in Peace and I am working an a publication piece centered on the topic of Eros, Authentic Personhood, and our Orthodox Faith.

It is no questions that sex permeates our modern society and the unfortunate travesty is that so few people truly understand the beauty and goal of this thing we call human sexuality. It is my hope that this piece I am working on will provide a refreshing and much needed perspective on a topic that is too often seen in Christian circles as taboo at best and, at worst, legalistic.

I will keep you posted on the article's completion and publication. 
Thank you for your prayers in the mean time!

Here's wishing you each a wonderful weekend ahead!

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