30 August 2010

From Missouri with Love! A quick update...

I admit I am cheating a little bit as I am reposting an email I sent out earlier today to my friends in Colorado. 

(And Jon, I know you'll read this, sadly this also applies to getting to visit Omaha! :( )

Dear Family of Friends,

I hope this find you each well!

As you know, my original end of summer plans included a (much overdue) relaxing week together with all of you in Colorado. However, it is with great sadness that I have to write and inform you that I have had to rearrange my travel plans in order to accommodate a very important meeting I overlooked  that is in Boston at Holy Cross on September 11th.

Given the travel time by car, I would only be able to stay in Colorado for 2-3 days and this is certainly not enough time! After weighing out my options, I’ve decided it is best that I make my return to Boston a couple of days early and plan a trip to Denver a little later in the fall. (Perhaps October?)

I wanted to let you know of my change in plans to assure you that you each have my love and that my heart aches to spend time with you again.  I look forward to catching up with each and every one of you and I will certainly let you know as soon as I can arrange a flight back!

In the mean time, I know many of you are wondering about the time I spent in South Korea as well as what the remainder of summer has held for me. I am currently writing an article that provides an overview of my time spent abroad and will be emailing that out (along with additional pictures) here in the next couple of weeks.

The remainder of summer has brought me back to my family’s home in the Missouri Ozarks. I’ve been able to spend a couple of weeks relaxing from an otherwise extremely busy summer. I cannot tell you how much of a blessing it has been!

I will leave you all with my love and my prayers for you and your families to have a beautiful transition back into fall.

Many blessings,


PS..  I am including a few pictures I thought you might enjoy. Being back in the Ozarks has allowed me to spend a little more time outdoors, time further honing my photography skills, and it has even afforded me some time to make homemade strawberry jam! Here are a few glimpses of my life here in rural America these last few weeks. :) 

 I'm getting pretty good at these self-pictures. Haha. I suppose that's what I get for traveling alone so much!
Here I am at Blue Spring off of the NorthFork River. The clarity (and chll!) of that water is unbelievable!

 Hodgson Mill with the Spring that once powered it.

 Mom and I made 36 jars of Strawberry Jam on a Sunday afternoon!

Even the grain silos around here are proud to be American!

Sunset in the Ozarks... A beautiful thing!

More on making Strawberry Jam to come later!

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