05 July 2010

Quick Update

SO I just have a few minutes to write before having to get on to my laundry list of other things that must be taken care of before the CrossRoad Session 2 kids come tomorrow. ..but an update nonetheless. 

For those of you reading this who might be interested to know about my most recent visit to the doctor for my back/leg injury, here is the word...

My L5/S1 disk is "severely herniated" and my L3/L4 disk is bulging. Moral of the story is this: Good News.. with the exception of lifting heavy things, I can do basically whatever I would like to in so much as the pain isn't too severe. (The pain is different on different days. I take pain medicine everyday which allows me to be mostly functional. As I said, mostly anyway. Somedays I'm more functional than others.)The bad news: the reason I can do as I wish is that the L5/S1 disk is essentially completely shot and I can't really do any further damage to it. (Although, I should probably be careful about things getting too crazy with L3/L4 disk being only partially herniated. The MRI scan showed that if that disk were to go, it is positioned in a way that would cause the same pain I am currently experiencing in my Right leg. Lord, have mercy! I can't imagine it being in both legs!! I honestly do not know what I would do if that were to be the case!! God, please forbid!

So my options are thus: physical therapy which could help relieve some pain even though it wouldn't be able to actually fix my disk issues, epidural shots that would help to relieve pain more long-term. Or surgery to remove the L5 disk. ..which might not actually end the pain, in which case I would be looking at a spinal fusion surgery.. which is a big deal. 

I'm going to get another opinion or two. In the mean time, please remember me in your prayers!

And now, I'm off to get a haircut! I thought I would make it through the summer without cutting it off, but no-can-do. 

Hopefully I'll have a picture soon. 

Panagia mazi sou!

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