15 June 2010

My 100th Post!

While I admit I should be posting something a bit more exciting as well as catching everyone up on what's been going on during my hiatus, the 100th post celebration will have to wait.

Life is extremely crazy right now. Mostly good, thankfully! But crazy nonetheless.

I recently had an MRI done of my leg (for the issue I've mentioned a few times now) and it seems that I actually have two herniated disks. Fun times. More details and a prognosis to come later. Please continue to keep me in your prayers!

In the mean time, I am happy to say that I've again returned from a trip to Missouri as well as another trip to Denver. (Yes, I know I go a lot.) But what a blessing it is to spend time with family and friends!

On that note, I just had to share a cute little package I sent in the direction of one of my dear friends in Boulder yesterday. I thought you might enjoy seeing it! ...Hopefully he enjoys getting it even more! :)

A little care package including an article said friend is interested in, two CD's (Snow Patrol and Ben Harper) as well as a postcard with a little note, a vegan recipe he asked me for a long time ago, gum, Gatorade mix, a Bible verse from my favorite Psalm (Psalm 63, for the record) and organic granola bars! A small yet hopefully special little gift. :)

And finally, is that not the cutest little label?!?

I hope that you are each doing well and that you have a wonderful remainder of the week!

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