30 June 2010

A Break!

Just a quick hello! I finished the first session of CrossRoad yesterday! What a great group of kids I got to work with these last 10 days! But man, am I exhausted!

Initially I was supposed to head to Denver this weekend for the 4th, but when I found out I have to be back at work on the morning of the 5th, I cancelled. Turns out that it's a good thing. I am already exhausted and I definitely wouldn't get good rest in Denver as I would be socializing too much. :) Also, it works out because I was able to get an appointment to find out some more about what is going on with my back/sciatic nerve on Friday.

Glory to God for all things. ...even though I certainly will miss Denver!

Starting on Monday the 5th, I'm back to work here in Boston until July 17th. On the 18th I will head back to Denver to help direct the Cathedral's Vacation Church School, and then on the 23rd, I will be heading to Seoul, South Korea! I head back on August 7th for an ordination on August 8th, and back to Boston on the 9th. God willing, I will pack up my car and head to Missouri for the end of August and then will head to Denver for the first part of September before heading back to Boston around the 14th.

All that to say, if you're going to be in any of these places during these time frames, please let me know!

I must run for now but I will update again soon.

blessings and peace!

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