01 May 2010

So Thankful!

It was such a beautiful day here in Boston today!!!

After what seems like an endless number of months of grey skies and cold weather, it finally FEELS like summer is nearby! Being significantly impacted by SAD (seasonal affective disorder), the new found sunshine literally breathes and excites new life within me! It's really unbelievable how much impact sunshine has on me! Thank God it is back!!

After searching for a bridesmaid dress all yesterday and most of today, I was finally able to settle on two that will work. Now to wait and see which one I actually go with. What a breath of relief to have found that! (The dress just had to be Navy, I had the freedom to pick any style I liked.. it sounds great at first but then the freedom just becomes daunting!) At any rate, mark that item off the list!

In honor of such a beautiful day I decided to make a little picnic for myself. After finishing the dress shopping I made a stop by Whole Foods and put together a few things to enjoy in the grass at Lars Anderson. 

Here was dinner
A slice of Margherita pizza, Cranberry-Ginger bread with Feta Salsa (feta, olives, sundried tomatoes and herbs), a few blackberries, and a lime Izze.  (Oh, and a Lindt truffle.. my FAVORITE candy!) 
I felt like I was back in Europe!

I am truly thankful for a day blessed in so many ways!!

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