03 May 2010

The More the Merrier!

So, I did it! ...I walked in my very first Walk for Hunger here in Boston!

Yesterday I took to the streets (along with 42,000 other fellow New Englanders!) and played a part in helping to raise $3.8 MILLION dollars that will go to feed over 500,000 men, women, and children here in Massachusetts!

Speaking for the Metropolis of Boston team, I think I can affirmatively say we had a wonderful time! After gathering for an early 7am Liturgy, we headed downtown to the Boston Commons. Departing from there I proceeded to walk 7 miles with the group (to Newton Center) while others did 5 miles and yet other did 10! 

 Truly, what a blessed day it was! The more I reflect on it, the more and more significance it seems to acquire! Glory to God! 

And here is a big high-five to our fearless team leader, Dino Pappas, for helping make our part of this grand endeavor come to fruition!

To celebrate such a wonderful day spent contributing to such a great cause, here are a few pictures!

Our Team at the Starting Line!

The reason we walk!


Have a blessed week!

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