08 May 2010


Perhaps it's the rain falling outside my window, perhaps it's the remaining weight of the semester hanging heavy on my shoulders, or perhaps it's the silent longing I have in my heart for my childhood home with my parents and family, homegrown food, and nights 'out back' listening to the crickets. ...whatever it is, I find myself pining for those comforts and a bit of melancholy besets me tonight. 

I was on my way home tonight from buying this
(pardon the image quality, it's from my cell phone)
when I heard the song "Glitter in the Air" by Pink on the radio. I admit I'm not usually a Pink fan but something about this song grabbed me tonight. There is something simple and organic about it... something real about it. 

Tonight I think it characterizes my mood well. I hope you'll enjoy it as I have.

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