10 May 2010

My Big-Not-So-Secret Love!

If I haven't told you, you should know: I love this woman! Who you ask??

After coming across her blog and being sucked in by pictures of working cattle (which took me back to my childhood days with my dad) I have fallen in love with all that is PioneerWoman.com! (Okay, okay, I confess.. it was the pictures of Cowboy Josh AND the cattle pictures that have kept me coming back!) Ha! None-the-less, I do love the fact that Ree (aka, PW) gives us a glimpse of her world (one I once knew, too) and does so with supreme wit and humor.

After procrastinating for way too long and reading almost all of PW's story of how she (the City Girl) met her Cowboy husband, MM, I decided I had to write her a letter thanking her for sharing her own journey.. a journey in which I see much of my own!

Yep, I went and did it alright. (and isn't that cute stationary, btw!?) 

I'm just sure she's going to take one look at this lengthy, microscopic print and throw it right into the circular file, if ya know what I mean!

But regardless, I had to let her know!

If you haven't got to know PDubs yet, please do. She's quite the little punk. :)


ALSO, speaking of people I love AND of cute stationary... I have to tell you about the wonderful Presvytera Kathy at Elona Creations!!

If you haven't already, go over to her website and join in on the stationary giveaway she is doing! She has THE most adorable personalized stationary ever! Truly, her work is wonderful! 

So, what are you waiting for?! Go visit Pres. Kathy RIGHT NOW!

...and then go check out Cowboy Josh, uh, Pioneer Woman, pronto!

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Pres. Kathy said...

Love your stationery!! Hope you are doing well!