28 April 2010

Thorn in My Side

A few of you will know this, but most won't... Since the first week in February (after falling on ice) I have been dealing with a terrible case of Sciatica in my left leg.

Basically what this translates to is this: The realllllly long nerve running from my lower back down the backside of my leg to the bottom of my left foot is inflamed. Meaning: Anytime I sit down or even when standing certain ways, I get shooting pain running from my left hip to the back of my knee. (Thankfully mine stops at the back of my knee and doesn't go all the way to my foot like others have experienced.) None the less, it is quite painful and most days I'm simply managing pain. (and for a girl who doesn't necessarily take medicine, 4-6 Advil a day is a BIG deal.)

Here is a look at the big the Sciatic Nerve actually is. Again, Thank God my pain stops at the knee!
There is no doubt that this is beginning to affect the quality of my life. I have seen two doctors and still no relief. All of this to say, if at any point I come to your mind, would you PLEASE say even a 2-second prayer that my leg would be healed. 

God willing I will be able to go to another doctor after I finish out finals, but until then pain management is my approach of choice. If any of you have any advice on how to deal with Sciatica or know of any doctors in the Boston area who might be good to talk to, by all means let me know! I need all the help I can get. (and if need be, I can also let you know what other things I am doing to facilitate recovery.)

Lord, have mercy!

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