21 April 2010

Still Kicking...

It's not hard to see that I am behind on my intended posts, but I am still here... just trying to crank out the rest of my semester's work before it all comes to a close.

In the mean time, I wanted to share just a couple more of the pictures from my trip last week to NYC and to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese offices. (Where we were in meetings with ministry teams for the majority of the week. Super tiring but incredibly helpful and informative.)

The 2010 Graduating Seniors of Holy Cross. Pictured with His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, His Grace Bishop Andonios, and His Grace Bishop Savas. Photo courtesy of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

A rare look at the chamber in which all of the Metropolitans meet in for the Eparchal Synod Meetings that happen in NY. (There is actually one going on there this week!) Archbishop Demetrios presides at the front and the other Metropolitans sit along the sides in order according to their date of ordination to the Episcopacy. It starts with Metropolitan Iakovos at the first table on the left side. Kind of interesting! As you can see, it is set up almost like a church or chapel, and part of this is because when the Metropolitains convene they don't meet as business men with an agenda, but they meet in prayer.

Here was my home away from home for the week. ...Sometimes it pays to be the only girl.. I had the room all to myself! :)

Being in NYC obviously means the opportunity for enjoying GREAT food!... and that we definitely did!

The most authentic Chinese food I've had this side of my 2002 trip to China!! It was from Joe's Shanghi in the Chinatown in Queens!

Not only was the Chinese amazing, I had a chance to get a slice of pizza from my FAVORITE  NY pizza shop located at 33rd and 5th Ave!

And of course, when in NYC you HAVE to save room for dessert! :)
Heeelllo Red Velvet! ...I'm usually not a fan of Red Velvet (Something about the awful amounts of food-coloring) but MAN was this the best red velvet cake I've ever tasted! (Sorry, mom!)

Speaking of being in Manhattan, I spent some time in my old neighborhood...
Here was my subway station that I spent so much time in! (its the Yellow and Orange line stop at 34th and Broadway.)

And aside from having dinner at Joe's Shanghi in the Chinatown in Queens, I went to THE Chinatown in lower Manhattan to do a little parusing... Here you have a blury image of purses for sale!

And I confess, I ended up with this...

Finally, here are two pictures of me with the guys men...

Here we all are together in the chapel at St. Vladimir's Seminary. (Now if only J would have been looking from the front row! :) )

and here I am with M, J, T, P, and T in Times Square! What wonderful men! (And sorry ladies, they're all taken but one!)

So there you have it, a brief pictorial synopsis of my stay in NYC last week! 
(For those of you I didn't get to see while in NY, I apologize! We HAVE to set a date for me to come back down to spend time with you!!)

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