05 March 2010

This Weekend...

This weekend I will be doing a whole lot of this...


Okay, so really, I hope there's a lot of the "mastering" part going on. 

I want to be able to fully read and understand this...

Which actually looks a little more like this today...
 But I'm okay with that. 
Now, for the record, this is my second semester of NT Greek and while I made it through last semester with flying colors, this semester.. well, that's another story. This Greek class is starting to depart far enough from Modern Greek that I can no longer rely on my MG skills to get me through. :( 

So this weekend is going to be filled with noun endings, a ton of vocabulary, and A LOT of verb charts. Boo. 

But, as CS Lewis wrote in "The Weight of Glory":
"An enjoyment of Greek poetry is certainly a proper reward for learning Greek; but only those who have reached the stage of enjoying Greek poetry can tell from their own experience that this is so. The schoolboy beginning Greek grammar cannot look forward to his adult enjoyment of Sophocles as a lover looks forward to marriage... He has to begin by working for marks, or to escape punishment, or to please his parents... he will not know that till he has got it. Of course, he gets it gradually; enjoyment creeps in upon the mere drudgery, and nobody could point to a day or an hour when the one ceased and the other began..."
Going on to talk about faith in this same light, he says, "...Poetry replaces grammar, gospel replaces law, longing transforms obedience, as gradually as the tide lifts a grounded ship."

So it is with these thoughts in the back of my mind ( as well as the reminder of what it feels like when I read a text and come across Greek text and and can read it) that pushes me along to study with just a little more hope and commitment. Wish me luck this weekend!

(And when I need a study break, I get to go try on this dress for a wedding I am in. Talk about needing some luck! :) )


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