03 March 2010

Spring Is In the Air!

Last week while enjoying a few days off I meandered into Sur la Table. (IF you're not familiar, they're a wonderful kitchen supply store similar to Williams-Sonoma, although with a slightly different feel.)

While in the store, I came across two things I wanted to share. Have any of you seen the new Le Creuset bakeware colors that are exclusive to Sur La Table??? They're so Springy and Fresh I wanted to buy one right then! I think the darker purple (Cassis) would fit right into my kitchen! :)

Additionally, while I was looking around, I came across these GORGEOUS cake stands! Over the years I've come to value the multiplicity of roles a good cake stand can play. ...And especially when they're this classic!

It's very hard to tell from this picture but the middle cake stand has the most intricate detailed "beading" around the top edge. It is really fabulous! To get a better look at the details of each one, go to the Sur La Table website and click on "Additional Views."

And the best part?? .. The cake stands range in price from only $19.95 - $39.95. What a great buy!

Happy Wednesday to You All!!

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*swankytables*Annette said...

Those are gorgeous! I'm so heading over there right now!! thanks