07 March 2010

I'm SO Excited!!

This past week had two WONDERFUL pieces of news!!!

1. Jamil (who I wrote about here and here) went home from the hospital! He is by no means out of the woods yet--he still needs skin grafts on his forearm and hand--but, by God's Grace, he is now able to convalesce from home!! It is such a miracle that he is alive and doing so well! Glory be to God!

Here is J with our dear friend Deeks! :)

2. I got home from Vespers on Saturday night to find a delightful email in my inbox from Mr. I.M. ...And what did he have to say? He's coming to Boston tomorrow! Mr. I.M. is a dear friend from Colorado and I'm am so excited he's coming to Boston and to HC that I'm literally beside myself! So much for getting all of the studying done that I had hoped to! None-the-less, I did get to put together a sweet little welcome gift for him and I get to pick him up at the airport tomorrow afternoon! =)

Here is the good Mr. being tonsured as a reader last summer by Metropolitan Isaiah!

Finally, I just have to share with you this song that's out by Lee Brice--Love Like Crazy. I heard it for the first time when I was back in Missouri for Christmas and I loved it then. I came across it again this afternoon and I just had to post it.  I hope you enjoy it! Kali Evdomada!!

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Pres. Kathy said...

I am so happy to hear aabout Jamil. I hope you have a great week!