26 March 2010


I can't believe that Holy Week is practically here!! It seems just like yesterday that Lent got started on February 15th! Now, only 10 days until Pascha! (Pascha is the original Greek name for Easter. It comes from the Hebrew word for Passover.)

After having 1/3 of a paper presentation lost to Word on Monday afternoon, a fruitful CrossRoad staff meeting on Wednesday, and trying on literally 40 dresses yesterday, I am ready to wrap this week up!

HOWEVER, there is still one thing left to do... 

Catch a plane and fly to Denver tonight!!

That's right, I can't even believe it!... I was blessed to receive a gracious gift of a ticket home for Holy Week! I will be in Denver from tonight until April 5th! (We are off next week for Holy Week so I have a bit of an extended vacation! Woohoo!) I am SO excited to be back and a part of my community!!

I'm not sure how much accessibility I will have to the internet because things will be so busy at the Church, but in the case I don't make it back here before then, I pray each of you are granted continued strength as we journey through Holy Week and a blessed celebration of the Glorious Resurrection of Christ!

(Here is the icon of the Resurrection of Christ. Here you see Christ having conquered the gates of Hades and Him pulling up Adam and Eve from the grave...symbolically releasing the captives from the bonds of death and Satan!)

 Kali Anastasi!
(which means something like, may we celebrate April 4th as a remembrance of how He who rose from the dead and brings new life to the world and to each of us!)

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Pres. Kathy said...

Hoe exciting to go home! Kali Anastasi!