03 February 2010

The Simple Things in Life - A List of 10

I only have a few short moments today, but prompted by my home-town friend, Ashley, I wanted to share with you a few of the things that I absolutely delight in. These are, if you will, my simple plesures....

1. Trash cans with liners!! It makes me crazy to put trash into a receptacle with no bag! (It's really probably sad that trash cans with empty bags in them actually make me this happy!

2. Fresh clean towels!! (It's even better if they are still warm! Even better than that is if they are warm AND still smell like dryer sheets!)

3. Babka and Half-Moons from Cheryl Ann's Bakery at Putterham Circle! --And when we're fasting, the Vegan Muffins at Haley House!

4. Getting new magazines in the mail every month! (I admit that I currently get Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, and Southern Living.) To be fair, I read them while in the gym, so while it may seem contrary to the point (that is, looking over pork loin and cookie recipes while in the gym) it gives me a chance to read them without feeling guilty for wasting time AND it's easier to justify a $19 subscription instead of spending $5 on each one every month. (Subscription really are a great deal!)

5. Being the first to walk across a lawn of fresh snow! I remember one time while I was living in NYC that a snow storm had just dumped some 8 or so inches and my roommate and I walked up to Bryant Park @ 42nd and 6th Ave one night around what must have been 1am. We got there to find that no one had been there yet!--Of course that meant that we naturally needed to run all over the lawn, but more importantly, that we needed to make as many snow angels as we possible could without freezing first. What a great memory! (Might I just add, this was BEFORE they started doing The Pond there! :) )

6. New Cookbooks! The more the merrier! ---I admit that I used to (until recently) be a "I'm not making a recipe unless the cookbook has a picture to show me what I'm aiming for" kind of girl. Although I am still fighting it, I am trying to break out of that box.. especially when it comes to Julia Child's cookbooks.  While I'm on the topic, I should also say that I LOVE reading really helpful reviews of recipes I want to make on allrecipes.com.

7. Speaking of cooking, one of my MOST FAVORITE things in life is being able to wear cute aprons that keep my clothes from getting dirty while I'm in the kitchen or working on other projects around the house. I admit that I am a little picky when it comes to my aprons (as in, I prefer cotton/poly blends as opposed to straight cotton, and I really don't like when they don't have an adjustable neck piece) BUT, that being said, THIS HAS GOT TO BE one of THE cutest aprons I've seen! And since my name is Agape, it's only appropriate... =)

8. Having a reason to wear pearls! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pearls and will wear them just about anytime if I can get away with it! As my friends and roommate from Oxford can attest, I did wear them every day there! For the LONGEST time, instead of wanting the traditional bling for my engagement ring I wanted a pearl. I've decided that bling isn't so bad after all, but I still want something simple.(Ladies, this is your hint to pass on what I'm about to say when the time comes ;) ) Something simple.. like this little gem from Jared Jewelers!

9. Hand written mail. Like the real thing.. with a hand written address and all! There is nothing better than going to the mailbox to find that someone has thought enough of you to put in the effort to write you a note, find your address, and to get said letter/card/package to the post office!

and finally,

10. The peacefulness of the Church when I have the chance to be there all by myself. Although this doesn't convey it fully, here is a beautiful shot of the inside of my home parish in Denver. Truly, how blessed we are!

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