09 February 2010

Only A Moment

I am a little short on time today, but I wanted to check in quickly.

I spent part of this morning doing some shopping for my upcoming trip to Denver (this Thursday!!) and while I was out I splurged just a bit...

I am usually a Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue kind of girl, but as of this afternoon I am the proud owner of this new scent...

 Burberry Brit! 

What a special treat! :) And it smells SO delicious! (Okay, so maybe not in the actual 'I want to eat it kind of way, but it definitely does smell delish!)

While I was out I also got some new Estee Lauder cosmetics which, thus far, seem to be really wonderful! I'm not a huge makeup person but some days you just need that little boost. And I am certainly of the belief that "you get what you pay for"..and makeup is no different. So I paid a little more for today's purchases but in the long run it will be the better investment, I'm sure! (I've already gotten 3 random compliments this afternoon! )

While I was out, I happened to come across these brushes and picked them up. They feel wonderful!..I'll have to let you know how they are when I break them in. :)

They are by EcoTools and are made from Bamboo (one of Earth's most sustainable natural resources!) I'm looking forward to using them!

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Pres. Kathy said...

Enjoy your new purchases!