07 February 2010

Go Saints!

As hard as it is to believe, Super Bowl Sunday is already here!!

As you know, this year the Indiana Colts are taking on the New Orleans Saints!
If you couldn't tell from my post's title, I will be cheering on the Saints this evening!
(There is something about my Southern Roots that won't let me even think about doing otherwise!)
Sorry, Father and Presbytera Hill!
(I still love you!)

And if my southern inklings aren't enough, the Saints are 1. Called the "Saints" and I am a theology student afterall, AND 2. They have the fleur de lis as their logo.
My friends, it doesn't get any more compelling than that combination of factors! :)

While it is a bit unfortunate that I haven't yet been invited out to a party (which, could actually be a blessing in disguise in as much as I have ton of reading to do, about 75 valentines to make, and I still have to continue my preparations for Colorado on Thursday) I would probably be making the following if I was:

These little buddies are Bacon Wrapped Date Bites

One of our fellow seminarians' wives introduced them to me and I made them for the first time over Christmas. The best part? They are incredibly easy! 2 ingredients and 2 steps.

1. Take whole dates and wrap in bacon. (I use half of a slice.) Secure it all with a toothpick.
2. Bake at 350F on a cooling rack that has been set inside of a cookie sheet until the bacon is to your desired doneness.

And Voila!

May you each enjoy tonight's game (and of course, the much anticipated commercials as well!)

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