28 February 2010

CUPCAKES! - Sugar Bakery

My newest (and tastiest!) endeavor has been to embark on the official
Every since I can remember, I've enjoyed the simple bliss of homemade cupcakes. (Who hasn't right?!) From Carrot Cake to plain ol' Vanilla, the pleasure is still all mine!

Just because I'm a so-called adult now doesn't mean I can't enjoy one of my favorite childhood treats!

It is with that in mind that over the coming weeks I want to share with you
a showcase and review of local Boston cupcakes and the bakeries they call home!
This week's review is of Sugar Bakery in West Roxbury, MA

 Although a bit of a hike from Downtown Boston, Sugar Bakery is easily accessible from the
Purple Line-Highland Station T-Stop in West Roxbury.

They are officially located at 1884 Centre Street, West Roxbury, MA
online @ http://www.sugarbakery.net/

One of the nice things about Sugar is that they are open early morning well until the evening. As you can see in the picture, Sugar is open 7am-7pm M-W, as well as 7am-9pm Thurs-Sat., and from 12pm-5pm on Sun.

They are attached to the eatery, Real Deal, and while it didn't seem to make a difference on my visit,
I could see how it could get hectic and loud during rush hours.

The seating was a bit limited so if you're bringing a large group I wouldn't bet on being able to sit in house (at least on Sugar's side.) --That's a bummer because as you can make out behind the door, the decor is colorful and mod and seems to invite one to enjoy their baked treat right away.

All that being said, on to the goodstuff!

On my Visit to Sugar they were offering a host of options and,
according to their menu, offer even more than what I was privy to.

Their flavors include:
Peanut Butter
Cotton Candy
Chocolate Lovers
Vanilla Lovers
-all of which I saw today-
as well as
Fluffa Nutter
Boston Cream
Reverse Boston Cream
Lemon Meringue
Rocky Road
Key Lime
Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Dream
& count them, 30 ADDITIONAL FLAVORS

I may have missed one or two that were not listed on their menu but that covers the majority of their offerings

For the sake of this review, these two were sampled

Peanut Butter
(Chocolate cake with PB frosting)

*Peanut Butter*
The cake was moist (always a good thing!) and the frosting was light yet sweet and beaming of peanut buttery goodness! This certainly fulfilled my chocolate/peanut butter quota for the day.
The flavors were nicely balanced with neither the chocolate nor the PB being over powering (which is often the case with this popular combo.)
The frosting was lighter than a traditional butter cream and fared well on the chocolate cake.
Overall Rating: A


(Vanilla cake, Raspberry filling and frosting)
So, here's the rundown:

The initial bite of this one took me a little offguard in that the top piece of cake was dry enough it was actually a bit hard. However, the main portion of the cake was generally moist, albeit not quite as moist as the Peanut Butter proved to be. The frosting was the same wonderful consistency as that of PB's, but was a little lack-luster in flavor. Two-bites in, I was pretty certain this cupcake was only average "C" material...THAT IS, until the third bite where I managed to get some of the hidden Raspberry filling that was in there unbeknownst to me!
Now let me tell you, I HATE fruit fillings BUT this one.. MAN WAS IT GOOD! While the filling's consistency was a bit more firm than most cake fillings, the flavor was more than I could have asked for!
Overall, the filling did redeem the Raspberry cupcake in part, but it just wasn't quite enough to make up for frosting that was lacking in flavor nor a dry top.
Overall Rating: B-

NOTE: While both the cupcakes look GINORMOUS, it seems that what really happened is they cut off the
tops of the cakes, piped on appropriate frosting, re-added the tops and piped some more. So in truth, they're roughly a normal sized cupcake with a good healthy helping of frosting.
(As you can see in the Raspberry cupcake picture, I don't think they always matched up the tops again!..But hey, it all tastes the same, right?)

In the end, I would say that the cupcakes at Sugar Bakery are definitely worth a trip.

HOWEVER, I will be honest and tell you that I was incredibly disappointed with the service I received. When I asked about the flavors on display, the woman helping me named them off as fast as she possibly could WHILE mumbling. I literally had to ask 4 times before I could figure out what she was saying. Moreover, before I even had the chance to tell her anything, she slapped both cupcakes in a box and jammed the lid shut, smashing the tops and the flavors together.
I was not a happy camper!

When paying over $5 for two (2!) cupcakes,
 please don't destroy them and mash the frostings together before I even get the money out.
Sigh... If not for the poor service (which is DEFINITELY part of the cupcake experience wherever you go) they would have been "A" material. There is just no excuse for lousy customer service in my book...

Sugar Bakery's Rating: B

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Debbie Flanagan said...

Thank you so much for the glowing review on my cupcakes, I am no longer there so they are no longer made I am sad to say. I will let you know where I bring MY cupcakes next! Hope to see you there!