26 January 2010

Reflections for Our Own Hearts

"I have no temptation by eye.
...I don't have any temptation by ear.  
The only temptation is left for my heart. To dream. To remember. To worry about myself."
-Father Lazarus

I wanted to take a moment to make available to you two short pieces of a documentary film titled "The Last Anchorite."

The two short pieces reflect on the remarkable story of Fr. Lazarus El Anthony, an Australian university professor who left his life in the world to pursue a life of meaning seeking a relationship with God. He does this in what seems to be the most unlikely of places: in the Egyptian desert.

While this is not the life that most of us are called to live, Fr. Lazarus speaks of his life in the dessert in a manner that provides each of us with some very poignant topics for our own reflection on how it is we live our own lives. --On how it is we give (or fail to give) priority to the most needful thing: to live a life full of and characterized by the grace of the lifegiving cross, whereby we receive transformative power enabling us to turn even the darkest situations into opportunities for resurrection.

May Fr. Anthony's words be a reminder and an encouragement to us all!
(Please make sure to watch Part 2, as it spoke to me most profoundly!)

Many thanks to my dear friend, CPX, for first introducing me to Fr. Lazarus and The Last Anchorite!

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