20 January 2010

A few recent thoughts...

I've been thinking a lot lately about how disobedient and undisciplined I can be. (Traits that, unfortunately, I feel our society at large tends to emphasize in the name of being "our own person.")

A friend and I were talking tonight and it's amazing how frequently we both agreed that we--as the old adage says--put off until tomorrow what should be done today.

What shame I feel when I see this in my spiritual life. Tomorrow I'll get up in time to pray, tomorrow I'll fast more strictly, tomorrow I'll really let Scripture digest deep within my being... on and on the list goes.

You know what my thought is? We put off until tomorrow what would hurt us to do today. It would actually require something of us today and if we put it off until "tomorrow".. then no sweat off our brow.

But, as we've all heard... no pain, no gain. How true this is in so many of life's situations. Without the spiritual struggle, our own askesis, how scarcely we can expect growth in faith. Sometimes when we want something--in this case, as we yearn to be holy--it requires that we actually DO something! (Of course we must always be conscious of our synergy with God, but none-the-less, growth and progress in the spiritual life only comes with great effort.)

How easy it is to repeatedly hit the snooze button, "just 7 more minutes...." in lieu of getting up in time for chapel or morning prayer. To forgo serving in the soup kitchen or reading Scripture "because I just have too much work to do." --Well, had I actually completed the work in a timely and disciplined manner, then none of this would be an issue in the first place.

The excuses are varied.. a few legitimate, most nowhere close. Regardless of the situation, May God grant us each an unquenchable desire for Him and, in as much, the grace and strength to deny our self-will in order that we might truly put "first things first."

Kyrie Eleison!

Although it is a western depiction, I like this image of Christ calling Simon Peter and Andrew from their nets. May it be a reminder to us that following Christ required much of the apostles and likewise, requires much of us. God grant us (me) strength to do those very things we are called to do in our own spiritual lives!

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Pres. Kathy said...

I am in the same boat - I always say tomorrow. I should do it today, but I always find excuses!