03 January 2010

A Few Christmas Break Reflections

Here it is, already January 3rd! I cannot believe it.
My time here in Missouri will come to an end Wednesday morning as I fly to Denver just in time to make it to Liturgy for Epiphany! I am excited to see my spiritual father as well as my godparents and their new son, ELIAS!
However, I confess that I am more than ready to be back in Boston.
It's amazing how much HC has become home for me.

Reflecting back on my time here in MO, I have to say, even though it's been challenging, I've done a fair number of things I wouldn't have been able to had I stayed in MA. Amongst those things, I have gone to town in the kitchen!
(It's amazing to be reminded of how much I genuinely
love cooking after having been away from it for so long!)

At the risk of feeling a little silly, I have to share
a list of some of the things I've made since being home:

Fajitas made with homemade seasoning, twice
Pumpkin Roll made with cream cheese filling
Briam, lots and lots of Briam!
French Silk Pie (Thank you, Stephanos Ritsi!)
Turkey-Vegetable Soup
Apple Cranberry Stuffing
Homemade, jazzed up Cranberry Sauce
Vasilopita x3 (Thank you, Sylvia!)
Baked Brie, twice
Cake Pops with my sister-in-law

and still to come in the last few days:
Baklava tonight
Potato Soup
Prosphoro to offer at my home parish in Denver!

Glory to God!.. I forgot how much I love to cook!
(HC really needs to work on the student kitchen situation!)

I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, but as soon as I do, I will include some :)

Now, off to do research for Fr. C. ..I'm about a week behind on my research submittal for him.. but I haven't heard from him despite sending two emails, so hopefully he's enjoying his family and will be happy to get the research in tonight or tomorrow. (Crossing my fingers!)

Before I forget it, a very Blessed and Joyful New Year to each of you!
Panagia mazi sas!

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Pres. Kathy said...

You have been very busy - I love trying new dishes! I pray that you have a great semester. Enjoy the rest of your break.