03 August 2009

It is Enough

"If I am only able to call you a friend, it is enough. I am a better person simply for knowing you. For that, I thank God!!"

This is the most recent facebook "status" update I have posted.

Yesterday evening I was blessed to talk to a dear friend on the phone. Though we only spoke for 10 brief minutes, I was reminded of how much this friend pushes, encourages, and spurs me on. It's not a matter of what he says in specific, it is simply his manner of being, his phronema that has had such an impact on me.

One thing I was noticing (and have noticed for some time actually) is that this person rarely has anything negative to say. Though he is certainly human and surely recognizes less than ideal situations, he chooses not to focus on the imperfections of life that so many of us so frequently fixate ourselves with.

There is so much I could say about this man but in order to protect his identity, I will leave it at that.

Suffice it to say, I love this man very much but even if I am only ever able to call him my friend, it is more than enough. I am blessed beyond measure!

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