23 April 2009

Rummaging Through Memory Lane

Here is a piece I found that I wrote some time ago. I'm not exactly sure when, but the file was created in July of 2006. ..Almost three years ago yet it still seems apropos.

A pilgrimage. Sacred journey.

What is it that lies before me.

Safety, Stability or ties to be broken and a spirit to be set free?

I read, I wonder, I contemplate, I ponder

A heart that is restless.

My head knows peace, where is my heart.

What is the intention of all of this? Me? and now? ?

I don't want to pretend I know

I don't want to pretend things are okay

I'm scared.

Is this life or is this faith.

Maybe, just maybe, it's both.

A father or a brother be?

The thoughts escape me.

Covenant or Sacrament

Concrete or Clay

education, medicine, business, family or pleasure?

or something more, something less?

Why are these things so far beyond me?

Why must sacrifice come at such a cost?

In time, I say, in time I must believe.

The heart grows weary, heavy burdened be

A light yoke to be found, when will I learn

Idealistic? Perhaps. Unrealistic? I think not.

I seek, I desire. my own skin must find comfort. then the search will no longer be in vain.

A book, a novel great indeed.

Will you seek to partake?

Better yet, care you to take the time to catch the details?

For it is the details that unfold the story

The details are what unlock that which is waiting to be revealed

The world weighs heavy

Yet hope comes from beyond

Because of that I can make sense of this

I can come home.

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