08 November 2008

And the wheel still turns

Well, I have officially submitted my notice of intent to vacate. As of December 1, my little corner-of-the-world will no longer be mine.

Though I have been in communication with HC, I'm still not officially 'in.' And unfortunately, I most likely won't know until mid-to-late December when my GRE scores arrive.

As I told a friend the other day, I feel like I am getting ready to step off of the edge of a cliff. I left my job, am giving up my apartment, and really don't know with certainty what I am going to be doing 6.5 weeks from now. As I said, I am just trusting that God's hand is there and, in taking these rather huge steps, that His hand is going to catch me as my second foot leaves the ground.

Please, pray for me.

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