07 July 2008

Yet another twist

After spending the bulk of my 3-day weekend weighing out options about what direction I should really be heading in this fall, I got a phone call this afternoon saying I have an interview with a principal at Greenwood Elementary tomorrow. I was notified of the school's vacancy about a week ago but I purposefully didn't send in my resume or cover letter as I wanted to "sort things out" before I took any further actions. As it turns out, TNTP submitted it for me. ..and alas, I have an interview. 

If I get the job, I'll plan on staying..if not, I'm still sitting in front of the drawing board. We shall see. \

On another note, I head home to the Ozarks on Saturday. I don't really have the money to go, but I think it's necessary for my own sanity. So needless to say, I'm making it happen. I have to be honest in saying I am really excited. There are so many things I've missed about 'home' and I'm excited to actually have some time to reconnect. Unless something drastic happens, I plan on staying until sometime around the 25th and 27th. 

It's time for me to go, I'm feeling the bed call my name. 

More tomorrow...

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