09 July 2008

As I was saying..

Last night as my bed won my affections, I was thinking that I wanted to say that perhaps staying here and (potentially) working at Greenwood--which happens to be exactly 20 miles away on the other side of town from where I live--could have some benefits.

1. I don't have to resubject myself to Missouri humidity. ALWAYS a plus.. no matter how lonely things get here I will NEVER miss the ridiculous humidity.

2. Given that my lease has been expired for some time now (8+ months) I can move at any point...meaning, rather than making the rush-hour I-70 commute across Denver, I could just move to that side of town. Moving=lame. New apartment with washer, dryer, and the ability to have a dog= GOLD!

Speaking of the aforementioned.. a dog.. I want one so badly! I've been looking at/contemplating the possibility of getting one literally for months now. I don't need anything crazy like a lab or retriever.. a sweet little lap dog would be fine. I'm thinking about a cavalier king charles spaniel...or possibly a shih tzu but only if it's hair is always kept short. (I have a thing about long, shaggy dogs.. yuk!) At any rate, I've been incredibly tempted, especially in recent days. After some effort at convincing, I think I've got my mom on board with the idea. Not that it's really necessary to have her on board as I live on my own and can decide if I want a dog, it was just the principle.

Speaking of principle (the other kind) I had my interview with Greenwood today.

It went pretty well I felt. Turns out "Devin Dillon" is actually a woman and a young one at that. There is no way she could have been over 29 or 30. (I'll give her the benefit of a doubt on being that old just because she's got her administration credential.) She was quite nice and rather unassuming, which is nice when it comes to a prospective boss. At any rate, we had a nice conversation and I learned a good bit about the school (87% English language learners) and about her vision for her time at Greenwood. She asked me the traditional questions one expects to be asked when interviewing for a position such as the one I was interviewing for (which, by the way, is an interventionist position working predominantly with literacy.) Things such as what is my knowledge of special needs legislation, what is my understanding of response to intervention(RtI), how do I know when students are "getting" the material, how do I handle classroom management, and what is my experience with English language learners (which I was quite happy to point her to the addendum to my resume which highlighted all of my ESL teaching experience. shazam!)

It was really hard to read her but I definitely get a pretty positive vibe (much more than from any other interaction I've had with principals..and well, we know how those turned out.)

So, Lord willing, I will get the job and that will make my decisions for me. Wouldn't that be nice?!
I should *hopefully know by the end of the week.
Kyrie Eleison!

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